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Build Your Confidence and Pass the QTS test first time

Over 1000 QTS Passes. 100% Success Rate*

*100% pass rate for students taking the test for the first or second time.  90% pass rate for third time takers. 


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I've never liked Maths nor have I ever found it easy but with Adrian he made me feel comfortable and confident



Thu really built my confidence and helped me to get my head round some fast and useful methods aimed to tackle the mental arithmetic part of the test. I felt very confident in the final test and I was able to breeze through the mental arithmetic questions and pass the test.



Contacting Adrian Beckett Tutoring was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I passed first time.

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Why pass the QTS with Adrian Beckett Tutors


Build Your Confidence

Get a friendly, calm and encouraging online tutor.  

Learn Strategies Fast

You get the strategies you need to pass first time.  We give you the emotional strategies and the QTS methods to pass.

Save Time and Money

You will get results instantly.   65% of students need five classes and pass first time.  Don't waste time and money on tutors who don't get results.

Tailored Tuition with an Expert

You are assessed in the first class and each class is tailored to your needs.  You also get access to a complimentary video course.

Pass Guaranteed or Money Back

If you don't pass within 10 classes, we give you £40 back.


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We tutor online only.  No classes take place at the office.




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