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About Adrian

Personally I am: 

An adventurer and world nomad. I'm happiest curled up in my sleeping bag on a winter's night in my tent in the woods.

An avid reader, I’ve read over 300 books (2/3 a week for the past 2 years).  

An island boy, I grew up in the UK and Malta. My grandad would sit me upfront in his taxi.  My job: charm tourists with my cute smile and British accent.  Nothing's changed.

Professionally I have

Coached hundreds upon hundreds of adults overcome extreme anxiety around Mathematics. 

Failed at several businesses. ($$$, lack of grit etc).

Worked all over the world.  30+ countries.  My favourite: Sweden.

Mentored young graduates to help realise their potential and embark on an entrepreneurial path.

And I’m just beginning.



Why you?


You want an A-player-customer-hero.

You’ve read Essentialism. You get the whole ‘balance’ thing; smart work is what counts.  

You share my values: freedom, growth, health and - in particular honesty; if you think I can improve, you'll be direct and say.

You are frikin' excited to apply the 100 business books I’ve read.  Delivering Happiness: "OMG Adrian, I can hardly wait; scrap those canned responses, tell me how to pleeeease our customers (even more…..)."

You agree with this: if you pay people peanuts, you get monkeys.  I’m no monkey.

You value creativity over CV's.


You are ok with me working remotely from Val D’isere in between off-piste runs and champagne flutes (ha - no, I don’t drink. Ever!).

You think Jim Rohn is swell. 

You will fly me to Hawaii once a year to hug and back-slap the rest of the team. Green juices are on me.

What You Get

A monkey (sometimes):



Fast Typing. 90 WPM.

Systems focused. You want someone to write up or tweak SOPs on: onboarding, dealing with complaints and wowing customers.  Your mantra: work the system.

An entrepreneurial head.  Tick:

  • Hiring and managing virtual assistants 
  • Google Adwords (you want a pro)
  • Sales (I can give you theory)
  • Marketing (you want someone who loves writing)
  • Neurolinguistic programming (you want someone to build rapport in that little box - yes, it’s possible, I can show you)
  • Organic chocolate (you’re curious to know how it’s made). Started a business in this too lol.

Wow customer service.  The key to this, for me, is: be concise, be friendly and care - I love caring for people.

Proactive.  Someone who tackles problems creatively.

Eager to learn. You want me to learn HTML, C++ and Javascript. I've made a start.

Attention to detail.  Someone who knows when to use a hyphen and when to use a semi-colon - not always perfect, but getting there.

Spanish.  I’m fluent.