5 Tips on How to Pass the QTS Skills test


1. Where your energy goes, your focus flows.

Meaning:  If you say to yourself 'I'm stupid', 'I'm a failure'......you'll start to believe what you are saying.  That's a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Say positive things such as 'I don't understand today, I will tomorrow', 'I can master this, now I need to master that'.  

2.  Act as if.

Meaning:  Pretend that you've already passed.  What does that look,  sound and feel like.

3. Success is 80% psychology,  20% strategy

Meaning:  Our tutors have spent 7 years mastering the strategies we use. We're so good that we have a 100% success rate but no matter how good we are, if we don't support you with maintaining your psychology, you won't pass.

4. If your blueprint doesn't match your reality, change the blueprint.

Meaning:  Students who've struggled for years with Maths, believe that they can never learn Maths.  The key is to remain flexible and change your strategy.  

5.  Change your physiology, change your state

Meaning:    If you're slouched over, shoulders dropped and head looking down then of course, your going to be in a negative state.  Sit up, and watch your state change in an instant. 

I'm grateful to the 1000's of students myself and my team have served over the years.  It's thanks to them that we've learnt so much about how students learn.  Tapping into their strategies, we've been able to transform students from being anxiety to confidence.  I hope this has benefited you in some way.