I am not your guru. I am your QTS tutor.

You've probably heard of Tony Robbins.

If you haven't, I totally recommend you check him out.

Applying his strategies I've been able to experience my own personal transformation.  

And thanks to that experience support others also.    

Many students have low confidence, and consistently say to themselves 'I can't do it', 'I'm no good'. 

And that's the thing they can do it. They are good at it.  

I'm sure you know what that looks like.  Ever sat a driving test? or felt scared when approaching that guy at the bar?

Using Tony's strategies, we've helped students not only pass the QTS, but feel better about themselves generally.   They feel more confident.  They are less anxious.  They are mindful of their physiology - the way they sit when learning.   

Here are some videos that we recommend you watch whenever you catch yourself saying 'I can't do it',  'I'm no good' or are slouched over feeling like rubbish.

Ignore the cheesy music at the beginning, ha ha:

Greatest Secret Ever

Changing Your State

Change Your Focus

Thank you for reading.