How to Find a Great QTS Tutor. 3 Questions.


How many students have you helped pass?  If they haven't helped at least 10, look elsewhere

How long does it take to pass?  That really depends on the student.  Some students need only 1 class, some none, some need up to 15.  Saying it takes only 5 always means that tutor is very good or unrealistic.  Check their credentials and their pass rate.

What emotional strategy will you use to help build my confidence?  You want a tutor who has the emotional intelligence to help do this.   All our tutors have studied the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming - simple techniques that I've mastered over the years to help 100's of students pass.

Don't Ask

Are you a qualified teacher?  

Do you want someone who can help you get the results you want or do you want someone who is a qualified history teacher.  Exactly.   Don't judge a book by it's cover, but by it's content (AKA Pass rate).   Google 'Adrian Beckett Tutors' and you'll see we have some outstanding results. Some of our tutors are qualified, some aren't.  All get results fast.