How do we recruit expert QTS Literacy Tutors and QTS Numeracy Tutors?

Passing the QTS Skills test is 80% psychology, 20% strategy.

To pass, you need to feel in your body you are going to pass.  

And say to yourself 'I am amazing at Maths and I will pass'

And see yourself opening the acceptance letter from university or throwing your graduation cap in the air.

To do that, you need a tutor who will help support your psychology. 

And of course, teach you the Maths strategies you need.

That's why I handpick each tutor.  I've filtered and interviewed over 100 tutors to select the top 1% of tutors.

They need to have excellent Mental Maths strategies. You'd be surprised to know that many Maths teachers don't.  

They need to have a happy personality.   They  smile a lot.   This gives students reassurance.

They need to be positive and believe that all students can pass.  And believe that it can be done very quickly.   Most students don't need as many classes as tutors give them.  Remember it's psychology, not the Maths that matters.

They need to have a track record of getting results.

Thanks for reading.  I hope in some small way you are benefiting from the knowledge in these blog posts.