How To Guarantee Success with the QTS Skills Test

Let me tell you a story.

It was told to me by Ajahn Brahm, a famous monk in Australia.  He's a British man who's renowned for his mesmerising and insightful talks.  

Some of the top researchers in the UK did a study with primary school children.  At the start of the school year, the teacher took the children outside.  Her name was Emily.   It was a cold, crisp autumn day.  You know what I mean right?  One of those days when it's warm on your face and cold on your fingers.  

Emily gathered the children round and told them her goals for the year.  She was a young woman who was recently married and her goal was to have children.   Of course, you can imagine how delighted the children were to hear when she said to them 'I want to have a baby'.   She told them that the secret to achieving all your goals in life was to look up at the sky.  It was as simple as that. She told them to think about their goals.   To really feel their goals in their body.   To say them to themselves, maybe outloud.  'Shout them out loud if you like', she said.   And that's what they did, they all looked up at the sky.  Some shouted, some said softly to themselves, some told their friends next to them. 

So what did the researchers discover?  They looked at the children's results and compared them to the children in other classes.  They found that the children's grades were much better than the other classes.

The lesson in this story is that to achieve anything you want in life you must look up at the sky. Before you sit the test, look up at the sky.  I've used this technique with 100's of students. Success is guaranteed.

Oh......and by the way, Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby boy :)