The Truth about Trumping the QTS test or paying for the wall with 7

Trump keeps it simple

Check this out: Mexico will pay for the wall

There are 7 points.  Clear to understand.  

To succeed in life, the best you can do is keep things simple.

Go to Hilary's site and you'll see that there are pictures, a ton of's not clear.

She lost.

It's the same with the QTS test.

Keep it simple.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?

It says that 80% of your happiness comes from 20% of causes.

Or that 80% of your effectiveness at work comes from 20% of activities you do.

Or that 80% of the wealth is in the hands of 20%. 

And so on and so on.

So how can we keep things simple and apply Pareto to the QTS test.

1. Focus on the mental maths.  Most of you can do graphs, it's the mental maths that's hard.  After all, the two hardest things in life: mental maths and wedding speeches.

2. Focus on easy-to-pick-up-marks-questions


To do this, get a 100 on the bottom of the fraction

To do this, make smaller (or at school they say simplify)



Know your timestables and multiply 1 digit by 2 digits.  Short multiplication method is ok.  Do in you head, even better


Know how to multiply by 10's  (i.e add on zeros) and multiply 1 digit by 2 digits


Learn to add on hours and chunks of minutes e.g 20, 40, etc.

This is an absolute gift. Think holiday in Mallorca.

So you have 5 questions.  You need to get 7 questions correct to pass.  

That means you only need to get 2 more correct out of 7 questions.

You can get 5 questions (the 80%) with 20% of the effort. 

Trump the QTS.  It's easier than you think.