The Facts about the QTS Test. How To Apply Pareto to Your Romantic Relationship and the Test

There is only 1.  Read on:

A bit of background.

Let's call her L.

L failed her QTS once and by 5 marks.

Today we focused on fractions to %.

It's a great topic to start with because 2 or 3 questions in every practice paper is a fraction to %.

If you know the Pareto Principle, you know that 20% of happiness comes from 80% causes.

Let's talk about my relationship with my romantic partner.

The 20% causes:

Watching a film


Going to a restaurant

Deep talks,

And well you can guess the last one.

The 80% causes that provide 20% of happiness.

Planning holidays

Going from A to B. I'm terrible w/ maps.

etc etc.

Let's talk the QTS.

If you know that 80% of marks can be picked up by doing 20% of the work, you figure out which ones they are.

Fractions to %


There you have it.

You need 7 marks.  You can get 5 from those two topics alone :) 


Back to L.

L did not know what 5/8 was as a %.

I got her to write her eights down.

1/8 = 12.5%

2/8 = 



She said 4/8 was 52% or something nutty like that.


Because she was nervous.

Instead of focusing on what she didn't know, we focused on what she did.  Or what she could get marks for easily.


Fractions to %.

And you know what........because I focused on building her confidence 

And taught her a couple of things (seriously I did hardly anything)

And focused on the Pareto questions

She went from a nervous wreck who probably would have got 2 out 12 in mental maths of QTS practice test.

To 9 out of 12.

That's not just a pass.  She crushed it.  She only needed 7.

So to resume.

Focus on the 20% causes that give you 80% of marks.

Fractions to %