Cheap v Expensive QTS Tutors

We haven't raised the price of tuition in 3 years.

In this post, I'm going to do an analysis of Cheap v Expensive.

Scenario 1:  Cheap

You get a tutor w/ little or no experience. It costs you £20 per hour.  You need 15 hours because this tutor doesn't 

a) understand your emotional needs.  

b) hasn't learn the best strategies to answer questions.  Perhaps they are using old school strategies or teaching you like they would for GCSE maths.

15 x £20 = £300

Let's say you pass, hurrah! The tutor has done great, you feel great.

What if you don't and you fail 3 times.

You've now lost the opportunity to earn £28k and let's say you get an entry level job in a different industry and you earn £17,000, you've potentially lost £11k. 

How much did you save and was it worth it?  You lost £11k in a worst-case scenario.  In the best you took 15 hours and spent £300

Scenario 2: Expensive

You get a tutor from Adrian Beckett Tutors.  It now costs you £187 for a package of 5 classes. I believe we can pass you within that amount of classes or even with only 1, but let's say you need 10, ok it's £337 which is marginally more what you paid for the cheap tutor.  If you pass within 10 hours, we saved you 5 hours.

As we have a 100% success rate, you will pass so the worst-case scenario doesn't apply here

To summarise.

The disadvantages of getting a cheap tutor are many

1. Your confidence can be harmed.  Reversing this process is much harder

2. You can lose 11k.

3. You can waste time

If you find a great, cheap tutor then go for it. Make sure they have a proven track record.  If not, why not sign up for our 10 class package and be 100% sure you pass.