The Art of Failing the QTS Skills Test Fast

I write lots of posts on how to pass the QTS Skills Test.  How about if you wanted to self-sabotage and fail as quick as you humanly possible.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder

Does you really want to be a teacher?

It happens rarely and of course, you may not even be aware whether deep down you really want to or not.  The subsconcious is mysterious.

In this post, I'll focus on what you might do consciously to guarantee failure.

Get a tutor in July.  You've got 1 or 2 months left, the university is putting pressure on them to pass.  The pressure is on.

Cancel or turn up late for classes.  Not a good sign.

Overwork.  I get it.  You want to pass, so you do a ton of QTS practice papers, questions, watch 100's of QTS videos..........before they know it they're burnt out.  Ufff!  Doing a little day is a better strategy.  1 - 2 hours max.

Getting a cheap tutor.  You've not got much money.   You either need a lot of classes or you fail and end up throwing away your dream career.

The lesson:  

Start early.  Get a great teacher.  Do a little each day.  Learn to be organised