QTS Skills Test: What to do on THE DAY

You have spent weeks studying. You are ready for the test. Your QTS tutor looks forward to good news from you. What to do on test date to guarantee your success?

1. Get up early

If your test is in the morning, get up early and make sure you arrive at the test centre early. Allow time for warm up, breakfast, traffic, etc. This's to make sure you are in a good and calm state. 

If your test is in the afternoon, still get up early and start the day fresh. Good state is the key.

2. Warm up

Do some exercise. Your physiology affects your mental state.

Run around.

Jump up and down.



Say "I will nail this."

3. Do some maths

Review some basic maths you've learnt. Make up questions for yourself. 

Start with timestables

Then +, -, x, /

Fractions to percentages




4. Image

Visualize an image that makes you smile. I usually have my students do this exercise in our last class. 

One thought of his cat whispering to him "everything will be ok."

One saw a friendly, pinkish clock patting on her shoulders.

Make the image as concrete as possible. Makes you feel good right? Remember that feeling. You'll pass the QTS numeracy exam in a breeze.