8 Ways To Reli[E]ve Stress for QTS Maths Students.

Stop reliving.  Start relieving your stress.

Here's what I do to relieve stress (or enjoy life more)

1.  Meditate.  Headspace is a great app.

2. Read before bed.  Nothing on teaching maths or entrepreneurship.

3. Punch a pillow or break a chair.   Controlled anger is ok.

4. Make love.  

5. Laugh with friends.

6. Smile more

7. Feel grateful.  Every morning I ask myself 3 things.  What am I graeful for? Something small and close to me,  something from yesterday and someone I've met.

8. Look up

9. Eat brain power food:  organic meats, greens, yoghurt, nuts, natural fats (avocado, coconut, meat.........).  Low carb/sugar diet.

10. Put my arms in the air above my head and clasp my fingers in each hand (hands are not together).  This can energise you instantly.

That's it. Feel RELIEVED?