What to do when your students aren't succeeding

Let's face it, some students don't do as well as you'd like.

Why is that?

Your mode of communication is different to theirs.   I talk in pictures, you talk in feelings.  If you say 'it looks like' and I say 'it feels like', we're off to a bad start.  Solution:  mirror their mode of communication.  If they look up, look up.  If they say 'I feel sad', say 'I feel that you're sad', if you say 'I see you are sad', you're headed for trouble. You've been warned visual teacher.

You're teaching them with pictures, when you should be teaching them with songs.   Mode of communication influences mode of learning.  Too many words will scramble an auditory person's brain.   They crave for pictures, and you're yabbering on like a rap artist

They're in a negative state. Perhaps you can think back to when you were a child.   Perhaps you were 7 and making Christmas cards.  Your dad had arrived from home, grumpy as always and was faced with the task of helping you with Christmas cards.  He had no patience and barked an order at you: fold the card here twice and then........  Result: you're frozen.  Nothing is going in, it's like your brain has scrambled. If mum was to ask you your name, you probably wouldn't know it.  Solution: change that person's state. How?  Make them laugh.

Wow, if only someone had taught me that on my PGCE.  Or did they? Perhaps I was frozen :)