How to Answer Those Pesky Fractions to Percentages Questions [Part 1]

So you've watched my vid on fractions to %. 

but what about harder fractions.

Let's say 


I can look at this fraction and see what numbers go into it easily. e.g 2, 4, 8 etc.

That's ok for me.

I can also see that 48 goes into 240.

That's ok for me.

But still hard for you perhaps.

In that case, see if you can half the top and the bottom.


Ok, maybe now you can see what numbers go into the top and the bottom. 


Sure, but that's slow

24 maybe

Ok, hard.  Sure - try 12.

Why 12?

Because 120 on the bottom is nice.  Divide it by 12, you get 10

Ok, so 

24 divide by 12 is 2

120 divide by 12 is 10

2/10 = 20%