How To Convert Pounds to Euros or Miles to Kilometres or Unhappy to Happy for QTS Students

To learn how to go from unhappy to happy, try this:

Sit up.  

Look up.

Smile more.

To learn how to do conversion, watch these 2 videos:


Practice Questions

Conversion.  Km to m or m to km



5m = 8km 


135m = ?




5m = 8km 


...... = 248km 




5m = 8km 






5m = 8km 






5m = 8km 





Conversion Money


(1) £1  = 1.40 euros,  £150 


(2) £1 = 1.60 euros, £150 


(3) £1 = 1.70 euros, £250 


(4) £1 = 1.60 euros, £300


(5) £1 = 1.80 euros, £200

The Art of Failing the QTS Skills Test Fast

I write lots of posts on how to pass the QTS Skills Test.  How about if you wanted to self-sabotage and fail as quick as you humanly possible.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder

Does you really want to be a teacher?

It happens rarely and of course, you may not even be aware whether deep down you really want to or not.  The subsconcious is mysterious.

In this post, I'll focus on what you might do consciously to guarantee failure.

Get a tutor in July.  You've got 1 or 2 months left, the university is putting pressure on them to pass.  The pressure is on.

Cancel or turn up late for classes.  Not a good sign.

Overwork.  I get it.  You want to pass, so you do a ton of QTS practice papers, questions, watch 100's of QTS videos..........before they know it they're burnt out.  Ufff!  Doing a little day is a better strategy.  1 - 2 hours max.

Getting a cheap tutor.  You've not got much money.   You either need a lot of classes or you fail and end up throwing away your dream career.

The lesson:  

Start early.  Get a great teacher.  Do a little each day.  Learn to be organised







Best Resources for QTS Numeracy Students

Many students can pass the QTS Skills Test on their own.  

If you're short on time, anxious about Maths or want to build your confidence, I recommend you get an expert tutor.  I've been teaching for 7 years and I'd love to help out.  Be sure to choose a tutor with lots of experience. 

Numeracy Ready

20 online practice tests.  Great to have extra practice.  I've been told by my students that the video explanations of how to complete the tests are not clearly explained.


There are some great videos on Youtube.  Here is an excellent one to get you started

Pass the Numeracy Skills Test 

This is the best book.  Plenty of practice questions.  There are many books on the market and I don't recommend you get them.  



How To Guarantee Success with the QTS Skills Test

Let me tell you a story.

It was told to me by Ajahn Brahm, a famous monk in Australia.  He's a British man who's renowned for his mesmerising and insightful talks.  

Some of the top researchers in the UK did a study with primary school children.  At the start of the school year, the teacher took the children outside.  Her name was Emily.   It was a cold, crisp autumn day.  You know what I mean right?  One of those days when it's warm on your face and cold on your fingers.  

Emily gathered the children round and told them her goals for the year.  She was a young woman who was recently married and her goal was to have children.   Of course, you can imagine how delighted the children were to hear when she said to them 'I want to have a baby'.   She told them that the secret to achieving all your goals in life was to look up at the sky.  It was as simple as that. She told them to think about their goals.   To really feel their goals in their body.   To say them to themselves, maybe outloud.  'Shout them out loud if you like', she said.   And that's what they did, they all looked up at the sky.  Some shouted, some said softly to themselves, some told their friends next to them. 

So what did the researchers discover?  They looked at the children's results and compared them to the children in other classes.  They found that the children's grades were much better than the other classes.

The lesson in this story is that to achieve anything you want in life you must look up at the sky. Before you sit the test, look up at the sky.  I've used this technique with 100's of students. Success is guaranteed.

Oh......and by the way, Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby boy :) 

How do we recruit expert QTS Literacy Tutors and QTS Numeracy Tutors?

Passing the QTS Skills test is 80% psychology, 20% strategy.

To pass, you need to feel in your body you are going to pass.  

And say to yourself 'I am amazing at Maths and I will pass'

And see yourself opening the acceptance letter from university or throwing your graduation cap in the air.

To do that, you need a tutor who will help support your psychology. 

And of course, teach you the Maths strategies you need.

That's why I handpick each tutor.  I've filtered and interviewed over 100 tutors to select the top 1% of tutors.

They need to have excellent Mental Maths strategies. You'd be surprised to know that many Maths teachers don't.  

They need to have a happy personality.   They  smile a lot.   This gives students reassurance.

They need to be positive and believe that all students can pass.  And believe that it can be done very quickly.   Most students don't need as many classes as tutors give them.  Remember it's psychology, not the Maths that matters.

They need to have a track record of getting results.

Thanks for reading.  I hope in some small way you are benefiting from the knowledge in these blog posts.