I am Superman

And I'm looking for side-kicks to work with me in London in the UK as a live-in carer.



About Me

I am 15 years old and I am busy right now saving people's lives.  When I get a moment, I'll fill this out.  I appreciate your time visiting and I hope you apply.  It's not always easy saving the world on my own so I could do with some help.  Best of luck with your application

- Superman

Why join Us


Laugh a lot. We like to crack jokes so if you're a professional comedian, welcome welcome. Otherwise, just be yourself and find something funny.

Dream big with us.  We're not limited by our bodies or minds - we believe, literally, anything is possible.  Want to buy an island?  Fine.  Want to marry a supermodel? Come to London, maybe you'll find her ;)

Grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically. We're growing daily on a personal level and as a team


Get to share our hobbies. Each of us has something we like doing and we share it one another.  Superman likes anime, games............

Have 2 weeks off each month to travel, study etc.  Some of our carers jet off to a sunny island, whilst others spend time with their loved ones. This job gives you time to follow your passions or heart strings.

Learn about giving and fulfilling another person's needs.  The secret to success in relationships is giving.  If you believe this too, then you'll fit right in. Love and understanding is important here.

£1400 for 2 weeks, accommodation and food.
You get a comfortable room and if you're lucky, get to try your team mate's cooking - yum! If you like apple and rhubarb crumble, you will be liked. If not, make us a dessert.

What We're Looking For


Sense of humor. Remember I'm a young man and I like to laugh.  We want side-splitting laughter here.  Got a serious face?  Great, make us laugh with it.

Personality. A talent for something random is cool. Can you blow a balloon throw your nose? Design comic book covers?  Come along and join the circus.

Experience of care. If not, we will show you.  Sometimes, the less you know the better, but if you know a lot, we're keen to learn from and with you.

 A mission. Maybe, you want to climb Everest or live on an island. We believe in big dreams. Don't have one? Why not start now :) 


To Apply

We review applications every Monday and invite the best applicants for a Skype or face-to-face interview (if you are in London).  Please note you MUST have a visa or a UK passport.


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