We helped Jacob, Jude, and Jane to get top grades

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Jacob received a scholarship to Dulwich College

Adrian started tutoring our 10-yr old son only recently, but we have already seen results. J's confidence has soared and, above all, his enjoyment and satisfaction with the subject has increased. I love to hear J muttering aloud as he does the exercises Adrian sets - he becomes totally absorbed with the challenge and it makes a refreshing change that he's not trying to get out of doing his homework! I have great faith that Jacob now stands an infinitely better chance of achieving a scholarship  - Meriam Soopee (Teacher)



Jude received a place at St. Olaves

I am very happy to strongly recommend Adrian Beckett, who is providing 11+ maths tuition for my 10 year old son Jude. Jude's mother, myself and Jude have found Adrian to be an excellent tutor. He is very personable and affable, and is very good at engaging Jude. He shows a good understanding of Jude's maths needs. Jude has responded well (much better than when I tried to provide some maths guidance!)                       and has has made marked progress in a short time.

 Jane received an A at GCSE

"Thank you for all your support in the months you've been tutoring our daughter. She's over the moon as she gained an A GCSE" - Mrs. Aylen (GCSE Maths, 2016)

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